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About English folk music

Many people appreciate England for the rich heritage of folk music and numerous cultural festivals across the country. Although, in the past it was mainly loved by common people who did not have an education and shared their stories through songs, nowadays folk music has captivated the hearts of large audiences throughout the world. From street celebrations, themed concerts to birthday parties and social meetings, the lively rhythms of this music bring back the ethnical ambiance of the regions.

Choose between plenty of styles and know more about the long history of folk music. With forms and instruments that date back from the medieval times, the diversity of the melodies that everyone hears today has been passed from a generation to another. During the 19th century, as a large number of people moved from the countryside to the cities due to the Industrial Revolution, the folk music was played in new halls and became part of everyone’s lives.

Because all areas of the country explored music in their own style, you can find some variations of composition, traditions and rhythms that are exclusive to the English region they come from. For example, the Northumbria has its own style, as does Sussex or Yorkshire. Discover the flavors of all lands and take joy in the unique appeal of local customs though the harmonious notes of folk music that can be played by violin, squeezebox or the popular accordion.

Given the latest trends of the 21st century, folk music has been influenced by different other music genres such as rock, punk, electric, pop and more. Due to its versatility, uplifting vibes and happy dances, folk music is enjoyed by humans no matter the age group or profession and it is the perfect mood enhancer for every party. Take advantage of the Langdale Charity Folk Festival in Lake District and have fun with folk music!