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Folk Festivals to remember

Langdale Charity Folk Festival is organized in every year to support different charities. The artists will not receive any fees or expenses and those who will attend to the folk show will not have to pay for tickets either. But they are welcomed to contribute with how much they want in order to donate it for those in need. There are many other folk festivals planned all over the world, yet only some of them will remain in your memory for years.

The best folk shows in the world

Many folkie celebrations will charm your ears and fill your heart with joy. These special events gather thousands of partygoers in the same place and they will share some unforgettable moments together. If you will reach to Scotland, make sure you will not miss The Big Tent Festival. This amazing event is held every July in Fife and it is a sort of celebration of folk, art and everything that is green. You will hear debates in tents, you will watch interesting film screenings and you will really want to change something about climate change and preserve biodiversity.

Cambridge Folk Festival is a wonderful occasion to meet with a London escort from The first edition took place in 1964 and it gained a lot in popularity since then. Different, new generations are being transmitted the folk virus and they come to Cambridge Folk Festival to watch how their favourite artists will perform live on scene. Martha Wainwright and K.D. Lang are only two of the awesome folk performers who promised they will entertain the folkie atmosphere this year, in July 31 – August 4.

Head to Ireland in July and attend to Fiddlers Green Festival. Find your best transportation from London to the beautiful village of Rostrevor, where this festival show will occur, and you will not regret coming here. They celebrate the Irish culture in an amazing way, with delightful songs that will fill the valley at the foot of the Mourne Mountains in County Down. More than 200 events will take place in 8 days of folk, so get ready to have some quality time here.

But other European countries know how to folk, as well. They plan folk festivals in many other places, where folk artists and folk enthusiasts will sing and dance together for days and nights in a row. Costa Del Folk in Spain, Folk Fest- Sardinia in Italy, Fribourg International Folklore Festival in Switzerland and many other similar shows are held in countries from every continent.

Yet not all of these events are organized for charity purposes. John Shedwick Photography, The Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, Keswick Brewery and Berngates Brewery are only some of the sponsors of this folk festival in Langdale. Kev Smith, The Ale Mary’s, Bow Fell, Banter, Reckless Elbow and Jim Smith are some of the artists who announced their presence for this year’s Langdale Charity Folk Festival. Bring your own tent, book your camping site and bring your enthusiasm with you, because you will have to folk hard together with thousands of other folk lovers!



Existen muchos motivos para que nuestras uñas sean frágiles y quebradizas. Desde patologías, herencias, o hasta hongos, son unas de las razones. Son muy comunes este tipo de problemas, pero son las mujeres quienes más lo sufren, puesto que las uñas forman parte de su rutina de belleza. Además, unas uñas sin brillo y poco atractivas, demuestran que existe algún problema de salud.

Las uñas están compuestas por capas y esas capas están compuestas por una proteína llamada queratina. La razón principal por la que las uñas suelen quebrarse es la alimentación: no comer bien o no ingerir los nutrientes correctos puede hacer que nuestras uñas se vean bastante afectadas. Pero también enfermedades u hongos, pueden ser una razón.


Puedes utilizar remedios caseros que existen desde hace bastante tiempo. Como el del aceite de oliva y jugo de limón. Una cucharada de aceite más unas gotas de limón cada noche harán que tus uñas se recuperen.

Existen ocasiones en las que el problema de las uñas quebradizas puede ir más allá, como la aparición de un hongo. Para este tipo de casos existen productos, también naturales, como el ZetaClear de, que ayudan a evitar que las uñas se quiebren. Además, ZetaClear arranca al hongo de raíz y permite que las uñas crezcan sanas nuevamente.

El vinagre de manzana es también una excelente opción para fortalecer tus uñas. Solo debes mezclar la misma cantidad de vinagre con agua tibia y sumergir tus uñas durante 15 minutos. Si haces de esto una rutina, verás los resultados muy pronto.

La cebolla, además de para cocinar, también sirve para fortalecer tus uñas y para evitar que puedas contraer un hongo. Pica una por la mitad e introduce los dedos durante cinco minutos. Luego debes esperar al menos una hora para poder enjuagar.

Con estos remedios caseros, seguro encontrarás la solución a tu problema. Sin embargo, con los problemas patológicos o hereditarios, es mejor que consultes a tu médico.